Vol 5, No 2 (2016)

Regular Issue

Table of Contents

Robotics, Computer Science, and AI

A Comparative Study for Telerobotic Surgery Using Free Hand Gestures PDF
Tian Zhou, Maria Eugenia Cabrera, Thomas Low, Chandru Sundaram, Juan Wachs 1–28

Behavioral and Social Science

The Interactive Effects of Robot Anthropomorphism and Robot Ability on Perceived Threat and Support for Robotics Research PDF
Kumar Yogeeswaran, Jakub Złotowski, Megan Livingstone, Christoph Bartneck, Hidenobu Sumioka, Hiroshi Ishiguro 29–47
Robots Have Needs Too: How and Why People Adapt Their Proxemic Behavior to Improve Robot Social Signal Understanding PDF
Ross Mead, Maja Mataric 48–68


Warning Signals for Poor Performance Improve Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Rik van den Brule, Gijsbert Bijlstra, Ron Dotsch, Pim Haselager, Daniel H. J. Wigboldus 69–89

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