Vol 4, No 3 (2015)

Special Issue on Shared Control

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Shared Control

Introduction to the Special Issue on Shared Control: Applications PDF
Mark Mulder, David A. Abbink, Tom Carlson 1–3
Toward Trustworthy Haptic Assistance System for Emergency Avoidance of Collision with Pedestrian PDF
Makoto Itoh, Hiroto Tanaka, Toshiyuki Inagaki 4–18
Haptic Shared Control in Steering Operation Based on Cooperative Status Between a Driver and a Driver Assistance System PDF
Ryota Nishimura, Takahiro Wada, Seiji Sugiyama 19–37
Mixed-Initiative Control of a Roadable Air Vehicle for Non-Pilots PDF
Michael Christian Dorneich, Emmanuel Letsu-Dake, Sanjiv Singh, Sebastian Scherer, Lyle Chamberlain, Marcel Bergerman 38–61
Average-Position Coordination for Distributed Multi-User Networked Haptic Cooperation PDF
Ramtin Rakhsha, Daniela Constantinescu 62–75
Learning Assistance by Demonstration: Smart Mobility With Shared Control and Paired Haptic Controllers PDF
Harold Soh, Yiannis Demiris 76–100
Robot-Aided Rehabilitation Methodology for Enhancing Movement Smoothness by Using a Human Trajectory Generation Model With Task-Related Constraints PDF
Yoshiyuki Tanaka 101–119
Argumentation-Based Dialogue Games for Shared Control in Human-Robot Systems PDF
Elizabeth I. Sklar, M. Q. Azhar 120–148
Enhancements to the Planar Active Handrest PDF
Mark Fehlberg, Hamid Sani, William Provancher 149–169
A Model for Operator Endpoint Stiffness Prediction during Physical Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Antonio Moualeu, Jun Ueda 170–193

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