Vol 3, No 2 (2014)

Regular Issue

Table of Contents

Robotics, Computer Science, and AI

Development and Testing of a Multimodal Acquisition Platform for Human-Robot Interaction Affective Studies PDF
Nicole Lazzeri, Daniele Mazzei, Danilo De Rossi 1-24
The Robot Management System: A Framework for Conducting Human-Robot Interaction Studies Through Crowdsourcing PDF
Russell Toris, David Kent, Sonia Chernova 25-49
Walking Together: Side by Side Walking Model for an Interacting Robot PDF
Yoichi Morales, Takayuki Kanda, Norihiro Hagita 51-73

Behavioral and Social Science

Toward a Framework for Levels of Robot Autonomy in Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Jenay M Beer, Arthur D Fisk, Wendy A Rogers 74-99
Designing Adaptive Roles for Socially Assistive Robots: A New Method to Reduce Technological Determinism and Role Stereotypes PDF
Andreas Huber, Lara Lammer, Astrid Weiss, Makcus Vincze 100-115

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